RandOmly… 10Apr13′

With a sudden urge to revisit this space… which has been quiet, abandoned…

As of now, I am so looking forward to upcoming trips.
April – HK trip
May – Company Annual Retreat to BKK
June – J’s Garage trip to BKK
Oct – Birthday treat to Phuket

As much as I hope that there are more trips to slot in for the rest of this year…

Months and weeks and days… I am catching up with his rapid growth. Indeed he is growing up so quickly that the guilt in me makes me feel lousy. I have not spent enough time with him. Wanted so much to be at home and be a SAHM, but yet couldn’t bring myself to do that because of the many committments.

Having said so, I miss the babylike him… when he was so baby like, when he was so adorable in his toddler stage… with this missing, the thought of having number 3 came to my mind.

I guess I need to give some serious thoughts to this idea… How would I cough out the time for number 3, when today I don’t even have enough time for my little precious?


1st day @ school… N1!

Time flies… Jeryl officially started school, attending daily N1 programme @ Zoophonics. When there is logistics constraints, hence he is required to take school bus to school. The thought of this makes me feel so guilty, for not being able to be there to send him to and fro school. Well, … there is not much I can do, except to move on…

All dressed and ready… He was excited when dressed. When the school bus arrived at the doorstep, I carried him and put him on the bus seat. Whilst putting the seat belt for him, he gave a fearful comment… ‘Mummy go. Mummy go!’ which meant that he wanted me to follow him. I couldn’t do that… The natural reaction of a toddler at his age would be to burst out into cries and screams.

I hopped on and drove to school to check out on him.

Bus uncle and auntie brought the little ones to the school… He appeared shocked and looking around frantically. Luckily he stood firm and did not cry.

Peeping here and there, through the slots with classroom doors slightly opened, I could hear almost all of them screaming and crying their lungs out. Despite all the cries, his was really significant enough for me to recognise… Loud and powerful. Upon hearing that, that triggers the heartaches… Oh my poor baby… :(

Waitied for him to get home after school. The bus ride home apparently wasn’t too bad as he had Jordan to accompany him… Phew! At least gorgor is there with me in the school bus… Familiar faces required to give that sense of security…

Well, hoping and praying hard that he is able to adapt soon… :)

01.01.2013! *.*

Happy New Year! :)

Strong urge to start logging the boys’ happenings as much as I could as 2013 is the last preschool year for Jerry and 1st preschool year for Jeryl.

As usual, Jerry crawled into my bed and greeted me ‘Good Morning’. Immediately after I acknowledged, he requested to play and fix his new box of Mega Block Helicopter (xmas gift from Eileen).

‘Mummy, can I fix now? I don’t want didi to have a hard time…’
‘Because he don’t know how to fix… When I was 4 years old, I had a very hard time because I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t want didi to have a hard time.’

Still feeling dreamy whilst lying in bed, I almost jumped out of bed when I heard him said this. I was really shocked with his comments when I questioned him if he could do it later when Jeryl takes his noon nap.

This shows how much he has grown up… My precious who is turning 6 this year.

Jeryl is catching up more phrases to express his feelings.

‘I want go, car, iPad, Please, Sorry, I don’t want, I want eat, Good night, Hello, drink, …’

Here goes the not-so-clear…
‘blead (bread), bu-hau (blue car), a-ter (water), ah-tee (auntie)’.

He is starting N1 officially tomorrow… I am feeling emo about it. My little baby is going to school… This shows how much he has grown, no longer a baby…

To be positive and work towards my 2013 resolution… Deep down in my heart, I have memorised and knew clearly my 2013 resolutions… Reminding along the way consistently so that I can fulfill them!

I luv my 2 precious! :)

For sure, this is gonna be a LONG post…
Beginning with the very basic alphabetical letters to reconcile my 2012′ experience.

Achievements – for my time, effort and hard work spent on
Buddies – time spent to catch up and laugh about our gossips
Colleagues – a cool bunch that all strive together
DOWNs – overwhelming DOWNs that makes me stronger
Emotions – feelings that set in to complete ME
Friends – a whole bunch of new and existing friends
Gifts – Surprises from my LOVE
H.O.P.E – for a miracle to happen
Ideas – vast amount to help me complete 2012 and plan for 2013
Jerry & Jeryl – my 2 precious love
Kiasu-ism – the feeling that drives me to ensure he will be ready for school
L.O.V.E – feeling that I have for my loved ones
Mummies – a group whom has been there for each other through these years
Nonsense – manage through live, laugh and love
Overseas Trips – 6 trips to Land of Smile, 1 trip to Indonesia, 1 trip to HK, 1 trip to Legoland Ms’ia and many trips to M’sia KL and JB
Parties – countless party-out that were filled with fun and laughter
Quaint – remain as it is…
Respect – showing and as well teaching him to do it too
Secrets – the best kept which is only for myself
Thoughts – positive and negative thoughts that flooded my mind
Unique – truly special 2012, with love
Vain – Yes, I am still…
Wonderment – Great fun that I had throughout the year
X-factor – Not my forte, I’m just an auntie (a mother of two)
Yesterday – reminds me of ‘Leaving the past, and move on…’
Zen – for me to calm myself despites the high expectations laid

2013 resolutions worked and set! :)
*shh…shh… Not to reveal so that it will fulfill (accordingly to the elders), and memorised them faithfully in order for me to strive towards them.*

I got pretty intense when I heard… 

‘90% impossible to turn back’ and chances are slim… 

For all I know, my heart sank when I heard that. The need to remain calm and trying so hard to hold back my tears… I couldn’t voice my feelings except to sit still and continue to pray. 

Does Miracle exist? :(

Happy 12.12.12!

As this day marks a memorable day, the sudden urge for me to wonder into my blog space… Been pathetically left untouched for almost a year and leaving 3 posts for whole of 2012, the memories of 2012 are vividly remembered in my memory (*for my absence minded and limited memory space).

Should I get back to this space diligently again?! So as to have best memories kept when it comes to a day when I fall into the state of memory loss… Will try that out for the rest of Dec-2012.

Be it the Ups and Downs, I would say it’s indeed a evolving and challenging year for me. So much so that many a time, there isn’t any chance for me to pause and get immersed for self-reflection.

The recap of the achievements for 2012… Gonna spend some time to reflect and collate before keeping them here. A week or so? As and when I have time?

Got to run for a meeting soon… Feeling famished, yet spending time to pen this memorable day here. That shows how much I miss ‘Our Life, Our Love’…

Till then… :)

Happy 4yr 4mths old, Jerry! :)

‘Mummy, I am a big boy. I am 5 years old and I will be in K1 class.’ Jerry shared happily the moment I stepped into the house after back from work in one of the evenings.
Indeed, the once so cute little Jerry has grown so much. Now, he is trying hard to prove that he is a big boy though he is still up with his as usual whining habit.

He simply loves to whine and whine over little things/matters, though I don’t think it’s a big issue. Many have commented and reprimanded me for allowing him to behave in this manner. Why should one bother since the mother does not bother?
Yes, I do get impatient and affected at times with his whining. But I accept the fact that it’s natural for him (@ young age) to whine over things that’s not going his way or even to just get my attention.

The Expectations??!! Nope, not from me. It’s the SCHOOL!!!

One day, I was handed a piece of A4 size ‘memo’ that shares the schedule of Chinese Spelling.
In my mind, I was like… ‘WTH? Spelling at age of 5?’
I remembered my 1st spelling exercise kicked off in primary school.
Do I have a say? Do I have a choice? What else can I do but to ensure that the list of chinese characters are made known and learnt by my precious in order for him to adhere to the expectations.

We will live with and strive along with the expectations and pressure from all around, just to blend in and accomodate with the necessary.

Yes, I will continue to be kiasu… Though refraining myself to be the extreme kiasu bunch. So long it’s within our means and we tried our best, that’s the most important.

Just be happy and easy, besides Just Do It!!! :)


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